20 & Beardless

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At the age of 20, society already has expectations for you. For girls, it usually is that you should already be in a relationship, have a perfect picture of your dream guy, be attractive, trendy and know the latest fashion trends yen yen yen.

For guys, it is that you should have a beard (I don’t, so what!), have a thick voice, be able to lift two full dumbells and two 30litres kegs without breaking a sweat, have a career path and be able to take care of yourself.

These stereotypes don’t exempt the young or the old, rich or poor. The young are stereotyped to be dumb, playful and obnoxious while wisdom and foresight are attributed with age.

This book is about society’s expectation and what you should do with them

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Chapter One of 20 & Beardless

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