Beautiful Mistake

1) Do you want to graduate with a first class?

2) Do you want to have high grades but still get to enjoy your life to the fullest while in school?

3) Do you want to have an insight into life after school?

4) Are you aware that there are certain mistakes you must never make as an undergraduate?

Mistakes are not peculiar to you – we all have made one at one time or the other. The mistakes we make only become beautiful when vital lessons are drawn from them. Failing at something does not make you a failure as long as you see it as a challenge and opportunity to develop a new approach to solving problems. This is what Beautiful Mistakes is about. The lessons in this book are culled from real life experiences of a Second Class graduate who was on a First Class without her knowledge. Beautiful Mistakes prepares you for life before, during, and after school.


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About The Author

Olaseinde Tobiloba Damilare

Olaseinde Tobiloba Damilare

Olaseinde Tobiloba Damilare is a certified Food Scientist, having graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree. She is a prolific writer and a serial volunteer with various nonprofit organisations including Baba Slum Foundation and Oluwamiranda Care Initiative.
She is the Founder/CEO of Castle of Words, a company committed to helping young professionals by unleashing their writing skills and enterprises with writings.
Tobi's areas of passions and interests are content writing, problem solving, communications and leadership.

You are welcome to her world. Feel free to engage her via:

Contact no: 08037514758
Facebook: Olaseinde Tobiloba Damilare
Instagram: olaseinde_tobiloba_damilare


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