Blood, Sweat & Tears

It is a collection of pain and thought put into words to express melancholic feelings manifesting emotionally, psychologically or physically.


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About The Author

Mubarak Odeyemi

Mubarak Odeyemi

Odeyemi Mubarak is an engineering student, who at the time of this publication, is studying in the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. He is popularly known by his pseudonym, MB_Hunt. He is a poet who explores catharsis at will, a campus Journalist, writer, humanitarian volunteer and an ambitious photographer.
He prides himself in creative writing, with various of his works published in magazines, anthologies, and online websites. He has developed himself in the sphere of journalism & creative writing as an elite with topnotch interest in arts, photography and innovation.

This is a collection of poems evolving emotions of pains in its purest form, be it physical,
psychological, or psychogenic. An expression of unending feelings eating you up from nightmares, grief,
heartbreaks, depression, misery, and anguish.
If you are reading this collection, you’re living the reality of a soul entrapped with sadness but be rest
assured it isn’t for only when you hit rock bottom, it is always here to make you see past your
struggles and set off on a journey to healing yourself.
These are pains and thoughts put into words to numb your distress and make you feel you’re not alone and the sad emotions will surely come to an end. You can consider this the end of the beginning of your dark days.


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