A family’s struggles brings them together like tied bundles of broomsticks.


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Gimbiya Galadima

Gimbiya Galadima

Gimbiya Galadima is a fourth year medical student of the University of Benin. With an acute sense for literature she joins the bandwagon of creative writers. She engages in extracurricular activities including reading, cooking, singing and movie analysis. Galadima is very passionate about African literature, mental health issues that affect young people and Nigerian jollof rice.


Courtesy demanded that we paid a visit to the Doctor. We would have gone earlier, but Mama insisted on the delay. In her words, no one should rush to sympathize with a grieving person. No one knows the exact cause of death, and sometimes hovering spirits may want to claim individuals to take along. I once laughed at her opinions, but since my flashes I kept an open mind and concurred with the delay in visiting our beloved Doctor.


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