The adolescent and teenage phase of every child seem to be very tasking and at times unfathomable. The changes in the body system, decline in parental love, pressure from friends, society and the media to mention but a few.
The essentiality of getting things straight and rightly done at this phase cannot be overemphasized as there poses to be more tendencies to be swayed off course and decadence drastically increasing.
In a society like ours, it won’t be wrong to state that a massive turn around in the nation’s course and citizen’s esteemed integrity can be built by helping these young ones properly instill the right morals and characters now.
In this piece, ‘Deola put together cogent ideas and facts in a very creative manner to help adolescence better for teenagers and young minds.
The book also contains tips and guides to aid parents/guardians in appropriately going through this phase with their wards.


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ADEKOLA, Adeola Adetunji (with pen name 'Deola) is a certified creative writer who takes special interest in correcting social vices and anomalies with his pen. He is a graced and meticulous young man who lit torches on many teens and pre teens equally. He believes in the power of the mind, which if channeled precisely will yield extraordinary result. So he mentors tens of young minds, charging them equivocally through academic success, life, career, and Spiritual issues.
The young, talented and highly motivational young man is a first class graduate of the Federal University Oye Ekiti, where he bagged his first degree in Industrial Chemistry and currently rounding off his postgraduate program in the same course and institution.
He is the creative manager of DeeWords Media Concept, a multi-media platform that offers services in ghostwriting, book editing and review, research project consultancy, content creation and development, program and event host, alongside public and motivational speaking.
Growing Up is his first published work and he looks forward to releasing his other amazing pieces soonest for the benefit of all and sundry.
His podcast (Let's talk Life) on airs weekly, aimed at motivating people to live their best of life and soar in all life dynamics.
Let's talk life has garnered over a thousand listens with a little over 20 episodes.


Being a child is a great experience most people can never forget. To some, it is the most memorable and exciting phase of life, but to all, it is the fundamental and foundational stage of life. We had very little to worry about, we moved around freely, we were showered with so much love from all corners. It didn’t seem like it was ever going to end, but eventually it did!

The transition isn’t enjoyable. It is really tough. House chores had to increase, parents had to be firmer in handling us, subjects got tougher in school, the shower of love seemed like it was declining by the day and as if this wasn’t enough, the body system changed, weird emotions grew, there were so much decisions to make. Too many voices speaking at the same time; the church speaking, our parents commanding, our peers enticing, the media demanding. Nobody seems to understand, parents think we’re growing wings, our teachers think we’re obscure, our childhood friends think we’re becoming obsolete, but we feel we’re losing it. AM I STILL ME? Can I just be a child forever?
Well, my dear friend, growth is inevitable, you have to keep growing and you’ll never stop growing. Your physical growth is what has harnessed all these changes and development. The major problem we face is not our parents or the society, it is our inability to grow in other spheres of life as we grow physically. When people notice our increase in age and physical development, they tend to be more demanding and expect more from us in other spheres of life too. Our inability to balance this is what makes growing up very challenging for us.
There’s a huge difference between just getting older and growing up. A forty-year old man who still lives under his parents’ roof and wait for instructions before he does anything has only succeeded in getting older.
Growing up is a very crucial process in life. At childbirth, every parent has the book and pen to the child’s life. They write the first few chapters, they have a great influence on the child, they make important decisions for him/her, they do the initiating process. However, at a phase in life, they hand-over the book and pen to the child. The child now determines what to do and what not to do, begins to reason, plan and act. This happens when a child has grown up or takes up the various responsibilities involved in growing up.
This book is a book for all. For the adolescent finding it difficult to cope, you’ll see reasons for the sudden change and understand how to efficiently utilize this crucial phase of life. Your biggest questions will be answered, your greatest fears and anxieties would be appropriately attended to. For the parent/guardian wondering what’s up with your child/ward, you’ll understand some of these processes as you’ll come across vital information for parents and guardians.


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