I hate Love Stories

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The book is a fictional anthology that cuts across love, relationships, hurt and forgiveness of a certain couple. It’s an excellent outpour of emotions using a simple, yet sophisticated diction.


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About The Author

Titilope Owoeye

Titilope Owoeye

Titilope Owoeye is a Veterinary Medicine student at the University of Ibadan with the dexterity of a surgeon and the heart of a poet.

6 reviews for I hate Love Stories

  1. John Fadipe

    Clinical deployment of words to cleverly drive home her heart rending theme.

  2. Olatunji Adesiyan


  3. Dosumu Fibafunjah

    Its a good compilation. Speaks to the heart

  4. Elizabeth

    It’s a wonderful read😄

  5. Elizabeth

    It’s a wonderful read

  6. Ifeoluwa Abiola (verified owner)

    This book is lovely and inspirational, it got me thinking about some things in my life. You really touched my heart with this poem. And I pray that you shall soar higher in this part that you have chosen..
    Thank you and congratulations, My name is Àdùnní o.

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