Inspire Me by Caleb Adebayo

Inspire Me is a collection of pieces published by Caleb Adebayo on his LinkedIn page and shared to other social media platforms throughout the year 2019. Informed by a need to make people the best version of themselves, the pieces were reflections on real life situations, vulnerabilities, struggles and gleaning lessons from them.

Inspire Me has a voice that is personal, almost endearing, as the author considers both the big and the small things that face us as human beings in our waking lives. Even better, these issues are addressed in an unforgettable manner and in short snippets that one can read very quickly. The book cannot pass for what will be the typical inspirational literature- it stands notches higher. It is a companion of stories and conversations that brings life lessons to the fore and helps the reader not only know that they can be a better person and live a more fulfilling life, but in fact also shows the reader how to do so.


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About The Author

Caleb Adebayo

Caleb Adebayo

Caleb Adebayo is a lawyer, environmentalist, writer and public speaker. He works at Templars, a law firm in Victoria Island Lagos. His core areas of work and interest are energy and environmental law. He is founder and project manager of Earthplus, an environmental non-profit organisation committed to transforming environmental behaviour and policy positively.

He is a writing and public speaking coach and a spoken word poet.
Caleb is passionate about excellence and seeing people live out their best lives. He serves as a mentor to many and curates a mentorship program for students of the Nigerian law school. As a beneficiary of various programmes and experiences, his goal is to transfer the knowledge and skill to others and provide solutions as much as he can. He is a firm believer in God and the Christian faith.


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