Live Everyday

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Live Everyday is a book that was born out of purpose to see more people discover and pursue their “why” on earth.

Evidently, we find that so many people live their daily lives without finding true fulfillment in what they do. This book presents truths, which when applied guarantees a life of fulfillment.


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About The Author

Kingsley Chukwuma

Kingsley Chukwuma

Kingsley Chukwuma is Africa’s foremost Life Strategist. He is a Teacher, Content Creator and a 3-time Amazon Self-Publishing Author who is committed to helping young leaders in the discovery and fulfilment of their life’s purpose. He believes in the application of gospel truths in daily action.

He is also the Founder and President of Leaders Fort Company, a global organization committed to raising leaders who are committed to the transformation of self, community and society through thorough baptism in the tenets of leadership.

He is also the co-founder of The Word Exposition. A platform where believers gather to share and expound the Word of God.

Kingsley has spoken and added value to more than 3000 young people, leveraging social media. He has proven over time to be a well-read, dynamic and quintessential leader.

2 reviews for Live Everyday

  1. KennClair Emmanuel

    There’s no limit as to the impact this book carries

  2. Victor John Anyipa

    …….And it was written…. that in time, this piece of truth be made available to thee.
    Your purpose is next to oxygen… Read this book over and over again.

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