Mercy said NO

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For twenty three years of my life, sickness was like going to hell for a week and back, Every year greeted me with it’s pain and secret tears. I had always felt like escaping the reality of this challenge, but no! I was helpless. At the point that I almost gave up to rest ; MERCY SAID NO!


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Ogundare Anuoluwapo

Ogundare Anuoluwapo

Ogundare Anuoluwapo, a creative writer, an author, a pencil work Artist in view.
She is a final year student of English language and Education in the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti Ekiti State Nigeria.
A teacher in training, she's passionate about Gospel music and a lover of God.

My Dad had always told me to recite Psalm 3 and pray
with it every day. I hurriedly did it, with hope that it was a
Spiritual First Aid for me.
I mumbled quietly the name of Jesus. Every part of me
was literally coming to an end. “What have I done again
Lord?” I asked rhetorically.
Although I knew I was not going to get an answer. It was
like seeing death and being alive at the same time. I felt like
I should disappear immediately. “No, I couldn’t escape this
reality.” I thought.
“Have Mercy on me Lord” with tears rolling down my
spine, not my eyes at this point.
“God, why again?” I asked regretfully.
The pre-action, an epileptic victim displays when the crisis
is coming; that is the exact way I displayed quietly without
anyone noticing.
I was not conscious of things or people around me
anymore. Although, I had eyes, but it was useless at that
period, I was not blinded. It was something else that gave
me sight. My senses were already conversant with the
hostel, and different pathways to tread to my room.

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  1. Oyebamiji Elizabeth

    This is indeed a superb book, a unique memoir of a lady. Everyone should please read and digest it well. Glory! Indeed

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