Of Feelings, Thoughts and Memories

Of Feelings, Thoughts and Memories is a bare work of art.

It is a poetry collection of simple and uncensored words. It encompasses different topics of life, such as Heartbreak, Love, Struggles, Mental Health, and many more.
It was written in such a way that its longevity is guaranteed, because it treats many emotions — the ones you feel now and the ones you’ll feel later. It mirrors several thoughts — the ones people say and the ones they hide.
It was written for you, because in it, are words you definitely want to read. In it, are words you should read.


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About The Author

Koyum Kolade Afolabi

Koyum Kolade Afolabi

Koyum Kolade Afolabi [KK AWESOME] is a writer, public speaker, debater, part-time photographer, content developer, and author.
He loves children, nature and history, and in spite of the numerous heartbreaks, he’s still very much in love with Arsenal Football Club.
When he’s not hanging out with the people he loves, he’s solving a problem.
He hopes to travel the world someday.


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