On Word and Awards

A Book On Writing To Win And Writings That Have Won. A must read for all aspiring writers, essayists and journalists.

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'Kunle Adebajo

'Kunle Adebajo

Kunle Adebajo is a diligent, experienced and award-winning writer, with a background in Law.His keen interest lies in educational reform, political transparency and human-angle,investigative reporting. He also employs digital tools and data visualisation skilfully in hisstories to improve factuality and story-telling qualities. He is an eloquent speaker of Englishand Yoruba languages, and equally a skilled user of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CorelDraw, Infogram and Venngage, among other tools.'Kunle is the co-author of The Road before the Fourth Estate: A Guide to Becoming theUltimate Campus Journalist. His works have been published by The Nation, The CableNigeria, Guardian Newspaper, Premium Times, Sahara Reporters, Punch, Vanguard, TheSheet NG, among many other platforms. Read an interview of Kunle Adebajo here:

I have seen a good number of people who think I never lose when it comes to writing
competitions. For them, it is one win after the other – an unending, uninterrupted chain. When
there is a call for submissions and I am asked if I intend to participate, an affirmative response
often triggers defeatist utterances like “oh, you will definitely win,” “there is no point in me
participating again,” “please leave it to us, the upcoming ones” and so on.

I have also witnessed moments of disbelief where someone who is aware I threw my hats in
for a contest finds it difficult to accept I did not win. They either think I lie or rationalise the loss
on my behalf. Having this in mind, I was glad when recently a friend suggested I confirm my
win/loss ratio, after he asked and I didn’t know. “What if they ask during an interview?” he asked.

It is a good thing I have a folder on my personal computer containing all the articles I have
ever worked on from 2012. All I need do was open, go through my entries one by one and
record whether they ended up as victories or otherwise. And so, out of curiosity, I conducted
this census, expecting nothing in particular…..


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