Secrets to Discovering Your Place in Destiny (Volume One)

As much as everyone has a unique purpose, everyone also has a unique place in the sphere of influence where he/she was divinely assigned to function.
This is a book full scripted by the help of the Holy Spirit to open up believers into the wisdom needed for them to find that unique place in the journey of life which will enable them to find relevance at its peak!


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ABIODUN OGUNSOLA is a prolific Christian writer, life coach, and author of three books, The Way to the North, The Unveiling, and Secrets to Discovering Your Place in Destiny. He hails from Ibadan in Oyo State. He graduated from the University of Ibadan where he obtained his first degree (BSc) in Physiology, from the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. He is the Founder of The Ignition Daily Devotional and is also the lead writer on The Penstribe - a Christian platform mandated to bring men into the wisdom and knowledge of God through the consistent exposition of the word of life for effective edification. He has written several life-changing articles for blogs and magazines. He is also a Copyeditor and Proofreader. As a Book Writing Coach, he has single-handedly trained about 50 students in the act of book writing and publishing. Finally, he is very passionate about revealing the mind and the word of God through writing, building a network of leaders, global impact, and accurate personal development.

  • In the game of football, it is clear that every player on the field has a role to play. There is precision of function. The strength and victory of the team is dependent on the alignment of each player to his specific function and assignment. The whole team suffers when a player leaves his position or slacks in his function. The same applies to our world. Decadence is eating deep into our universe because men sent to this earth with a purpose and place to function have decided not to stay there. This makes it seem as though we all are losing out of the game. How do we change the tide of things? It is until everyone discovers his place in destiny and functions there as designed.
    This book is an eye-opener that will enable people to discover their place in destiny, know what they have been called by God to do, and know where they stand in the sphere of influence.


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