SILVER 25 (A Selection of Personal Poetry)

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The book SILVER 25 is a collection of poems written over a lifetime. It is replete with varying shades of artistic narrative of a young boy transition to a hustling man. The themes expressed in each poem are distinct and wide in scope, as are the date of composition. Each poem contains a didactic message and was composed based on prevailing circumstances and momentary inspiration around the author. This is a gift to the world.


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About The Author

Ukor Jonathan

Ukor Jonathan

Ukor Jonathan is a radical writer. He believes thoughts are reckoning force that should be penned towards national orientation. His works have been published in the NYSC AnambraKopa 2018C magazine and Song of Peace Anthology 2020. Aside poetry, he also writes articles and reviews. One of his reviews was featured in the Saturday Telegraph. He is also a wordpress blogger and has made over 50 publications. He volunteers as an advocate for quality education with Acalypha Initiative. He is a fine dark skin man.

GRIEF (2016)

Have you ever lost something of real value? And after all efforts made to recover that lost item, you decide to give up? Maybe you have. That is the feeling of grief. Grief is not when you cry, roll on the floor, or shout at the top of your voice. No, grief happens when all these have been done, when there is no strength left in you to sorrow for your loss. Grief is a consolation of pain, it should be cherished – every moment in it.

After all is done

and the pain borne,

when all tears are dried

and your eyes feel blind.

Grief consoles the soul,

it mends and sows

the tattered and battered side,

it brings joy to find.

So, feel the grief,

but make it brief.

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    But I need to say I’m already watering my mouth with the content. I want to read!!!

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