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Wars at Heart is a collection of short stories that navigates the elements of pain, depression, love and struggle.

Inspired by the Tell!’s 31-day-writing challenge in May, It is aimed at portraying a simplistic relation of the 5 elements listed earlier to the challenges that an average person may face during his or her lifetime.

It explores a fictional world of numerous characters who try to live, ply or alter the wrap of destiny and time.

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Ibrahim Idris is from Katsina, North-West Nigeria. He currently studies at the College of Agriculture, University of Ilorin. His flair and enthusiasm for intellectual creativity has driven him into activities such as writing and speaking: he speaks to seek solutions to the problems the world poses while he delves into creative writing for self expression; expressions arising from things such as grief, pain, struggles, coping with depression, and all other entities he has found his life revolve about. Aside from a couple of poems and articles he has written, Wars at Heart is his first major work and it navigates the elements of pain, depression, love, struggle, and love. These five elements are a part of the broader plan to which he would like his future works to properly address – mental health awareness and life in general. Idris believes there are seamless miracles between the nib of a pen and the surface of a paper thus he plans to leave his own stain of ink on the world by making a significant impact through writing.

16 reviews for WARS AT HEART

  1. Safiyyah OA

    Drizzling Dreezy
    Keep the drum rolling man, y’are blessed 👏👏👏

  2. Jimoh-Faari Abdulkabir

    This is just the beginning…. Every great author started somewhere.

  3. Rufai Habeebulah

    Nice artwork, keep it up bro

  4. Osheymutty

    Well done Idris

  5. Emmanuel

    Nice one bro

  6. Kweku Adu Awuah

    Great piece. Soar higher my brother. Much love from here✊👏

  7. mubarakat

    We’re going further kid, Keep it up💪


    Heaven is your starting point, my own comr Dreezy, keep soaring boss

  9. goвry!

    باراك الله فيه،
    and тнe ѕĸy ιѕ jυѕт yoυr ѕтeppιng ѕтone……

  10. Opeyemi

    Well done sir.
    More wisdom.

  11. Ramon

    Nice work bro

  12. Ize

    Amazing ,i loved it ❤

  13. Lanre

    Love u bro..
    Love ur work

  14. Jojo

    Great work!
    Anticipating next project

  15. Itunu

    More ink to your pen fam

  16. Raymond

    A creative specimen. Accolades are well deserved. Well done Dreezy.

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