What About Life?

What About Life is a mini-anthology of ten poems which speaks about the cruelty of life, pains of living in life whilst holding out hope that tomorrow–the future– be better than what life is today.


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Adeyinka A. Ayomitide (Ayusco) is a model, a poet, writer and an author with four poetry anthologies under his name: End Of A FairytaleLast Year Wasn’t ItWhat About Life? and Chronicles Of An Isolated Mind. He has a writing experience of three years and has featured in a collaborated anthology called Heartbreak Kids; he was also an editor for Opera News. He was one of the panel judges in a poetry competition among poets in FUNAAB; he also has his poem featured in Creative Writers Magazine. He has also had his poem featured in The Peace Exhibit Magazine on the issue of ‘Depression’. Ayomitide is in his penultimate year as a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti, studying Political Science BSc.


It was a night such as this,

The presence of the wind could barely be felt,

The moon was half its shape

And the stars were on vacation.

We sat around the bonfire

And watched as the fire crackled away

The flames seemed to move as we breathed,

We fueled the fire with our woes.

It was a battle not to cry out about our unfair life,

So we stared at the flames as we hoped it took our pain away.

We’d been scarred by life one too many times

Now, what we craved was a little bit of relief.

As expected, nothing ever truly lasted.

The fire burnt out, probably because it couldn’t take any more of our sufferings,

We sighed and gazed at the night sky,

Could the reason why the stars are absent be because they do not want to grant us wishes?

How long does forever last?

Because we’ve been in this prison called life for way too long.

© Adeyinka A. Ayomitide (Ayusco)


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